Plenary symposia

We are hosting three Plenary symposia at IBS Évora on the mornings of 21st, 22nd and 23rd of March, each corresponding to one of the three main themes of the conference: Past, Present and Future. The following workshops were selected following an open call for proposals:

Wednesday 21nd: “Back to the future: integrating paleomodels, genomic and functional data to understand biological responses to environmental change” organized by Ana Carolina Carnaval (City University of New York) and Andrea Paz (City University of New York).

Thursday 22nd:: “Changing species distributions in mountains: range shifts and non-native species invasions” organized by Jonas Lembrechts (University of Antwerp)

Friday 23rd: “What future for models of future species distributions?” organized by Antoine Guisan.

The full list of speakers and detailed descriptions soon.