Alentejo’s Biodiversity

In partnership with the Virtual Museum of Biodiversity

Alentejo’s Biodiversity

Here we introduce some of the most characteristic species in Alentejo in collaboration with David Germano from MVBIO

Lince-ibérico (Lynx pardinus)

Photograph by Daniel García Mina ( kindly ceded to Museu Virtual da Biodiversidade. All rights reserved by the author.

Águia-imperial-ibérica (Aquila adalberti)

Photograph by José Diogo, kindly ceded to Museu Virtual da Biodiversidade. All rights reserved by the author).

Sapinho-de-verrugas-verdes-ibérico (Pelodytes ibericus)

Source: wikimedia commons

– Hyacinthoides vicentina subsp. vicentina 


Source: LPN – Liga para a Protecção da Natureza

Abetarda (Otis tarda)

Photograph by Pedro Geraldes

Grou-comum (Grus grus)

Photograph by David Germano

Sobreiro (Quercus suber L.)

Photograph by David Germano

Virtual Museum of Biodiversity

The Virtual Museum of Biodiversity (MVBIO) is a project of “Rui Nabeiro” Biodiversity Chair and has as a goal the dissemination of biodiversity in Portugal. To achieve its purpose MVBIO intends to pursue three objectives:

  • Supporting teachers of primary and secondary education programs, providing them with a database on diversity of Portuguese fauna and flora;
  • Provide youngsters with an easy and exciting way to learning about the diversity of animals, plants, and fungi in Portugal;
  • Provide teachers and students educational games for teaching / learning.

The MVBIO builds up with the collaboration of all stakeholders as well. Therefore, visitors should feel free to send us questions, comments, suggestions, and contributions.


Coordinator: Jorge Araújo

Team: David Germano